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10 Resources For Stress Management

And Mindfulness For Firefighters

Health & Wellness: How Firefighters Can Manage Stress

  • “Firefighting is cited as one of the most stressful occupations. Indeed, occupational stress is inherent to this job. However, the long-term effects of unmanaged stress can have detrimental effects on firefighters’ health. Stress can negatively affect the mind, body, mood and behavior. ” 
  • See the following link. Health & Wellness: How Firefighters Can Manage Stress

Firefighter Stress: Manage It so It Doesn’t Manage You

  • “When firefighters understand the signs of stress and how it can impact them physically and mentally, they are more apt to take measures to manage stress on the front end. The end result is that firefighters will have a greater likelihood of overall wellness. Firefighters who enjoy optimal health have less absenteeism and sustain a higher morale.” 
  • See the following link. Firefighter Stress: Manage It so It Doesn’t Manage You

5 ways to leave your firefighter stress at the door

  • “It’s no secret that many firefighters deal with issues of chronic stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Finding ways to deal with that stress can mean the difference between being healthy—and enjoying a healthy home life—and not.” 
  • See the following link. 5 ways to leave your firefighter stress at the door

Stress Relieving Techniques for Volunteer Firefighters

  • “Firefighting has been rated as the most stressful job of 2015. PTSD affects as much as 73 percent of firefighters and only 3.6 percent of the civilian population. While many avoid discussing it or acknowledging how stress plays a role in their lives, a traumatic incident is often the catalyst for such emotions. Therefore, counting on crew members as an outlet and keeping an eye out for changes in attitude and behavior are critical for volunteer firefighters.” 
  • See the following link. Stress Relieving Techniques for Volunteer Firefighters

A firefighter’s guide to stress and well-being

  • “While words like happiness, joy, satisfaction, relaxation, contentment and peace are associated with well-being, this conditional state has no real concrete definition or tangible scale of measurement. Any proof of the existence of well-being is measured in its absence and described in one word – stress.” 
  • See the following link. A firefighter’s guide to stress and well-being

4 strategies to reduce firefighter stress

  • “While the military fighter may be deployed for months at a time, firefighters and EMTs experience periods of separation. These include working 24-hour shifts, working second jobs or two-hatting to make ends meet, being toned out during family functions and attending off-duty training courses.” 
  • See the following link. 4 strategies to reduce firefighter stress

Recognizing and Combating Firefighter Stress

  • “Departments that are more psychologically minded recognize the importance of providing assistance, either counseling
    or support, to firefighters who may be struggling with the stressful aspects of their jobs. ” 
  • See the following link. Recognizing and Combating Firefighter Stress

Stress-management strategies of firefighters

  • “Firefighters not only perform a firefighting function (as generally accepted), but also render a series of emergency services as well as fire-prevention and rescue functions. The working conditions of firefighters create a great deal of tension and anxiety among them. In such conditions, they are subject to a double dose of stress in the sense that are supposed to save others,” 
  • See the following link. Stress-management strategies of firefighters

Firefighter Mental Health: The Role of Stress and Tips to Manage It

Firefighter Stress Management

  • “The job of wildland firefighting can often be stressful and sometimes traumatic. In the wildland fire environment, conditions can take a toll on mental health. It is vital to mental fitness to address feeling overwhelmed by stress and trauma before they become a mental health issue. Mental fitness is just as essential as physical fitness for duty.” 
  • See the following link. Firefighter Stress Management
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