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Dream Chaser On Demand Is

The Antidote To The World™

Dream Chaser On Demand is a subscription-based, streaming video, meditation, and mindfulness service providing the Best In Class solution for bringing the healing power of nature into homes, businesses, healthcare facilities, VA hospitals, and first responder agencies (firefighters, EMTs & law enforcement). Our services include:

Hundreds of research studies have proven that exposure to nature whether it is directly or visually increases Serotonin (pleasure) levels in our brain and reduces the stress hormone Cortisol which will lower the risk for serious long-term health problems and diseases, including Anxiety, Addiction, Depression, Suicide, Digestive problems, PTSD, Chronic Headaches, Heart disease, Sleep disorders, social anxiety, weight gain, and concentration impairment. The Dream Chaser On Demand website has links on many pages to research by Harvard Medical School, Cornell University Lab, Stanford University Hospital, and other world-class healthcare organizations on the benefits of nature and the impacts of stress on health, mindfulness, and wellness. You can learn more about the benefits of being exposed to nature by clicking on the following link to our Nature’s Healing Powers section of our website.

Watch Dream Chaser On Demand anywhere, anytime. Once you sign in to your account, you can watch our tranquil nature films instantly on a personal computer or on any internet-connected device including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, streaming media players (Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV) all for one fixed monthly or annual fee. You can learn more about the options for watching dream Chaser On Demand on a television by clicking on the following link to our Watching On Television section of our website.

Dream Chaser On Demand is the perfect solution to reduce stress for Individuals, families, corporate wellness programs, healthcare systems, and medical practices to “Improve The Patient Experience”, first responder agencies, veterans, and senior citizens.

Subscribe now and start feeling the healing power of nature in your home and workplace. Click on the following link. 

Please watch the two short videos below for an

Overview of Dream Chaser On Demand

& How Forests Heal People

Dream Chaser Adventure

  • Escape the stress of your life for a day, week or more in nature, click on the following link to learn about Dream Chaser Adventure Click Here

Dream Chaser’s Signature Fine Art Nature Photography Collection

  • Purchase stunning fine art nature photographs for your home office or as gifts. Shop Here
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