Tranquil Nature Films

Dream Chaser on Demand provides the ideal solution for bringing the healing power of nature into a home, business, or medical facility.

Research has proven that long-term exposure to nature whether it is directly or visually has a very powerful positive effect on a person’s stress-response system.

Tranquil Nature Films

Please enjoy beautiful Dream Chaser On Demand tranquil nature relaxing videos filmed in America’s most breathtaking National Parks, Mountain Ranges, Rivers, Oceans, Forests, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Wildflower blooms. Each of the full-length tranquil nature films will play continuously for 1-4 hours.

  • Yosemite Splendor a tranquil journey to one of the most beautiful places in the World. Run Time: 1 hour and 50 minutes (1:50).
  • Beautiful Big Sur is a breathtaking visit to California’s Big Sur Coast. Run Time: 1 hour and 50 minutes (1:50).
  • North Rim Majesty is  is a stunning journey to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon located in the northwest corner of Arizona. Run Time: 1 hour and 16 minutes (1:16).
  • Zion Canyon Whispers features Zion Canyon’s steep red cliffs, leading to forest trails along the Virgin River, the Emerald Pools with waterfalls and a hanging garden. Run Time: 1 hour and 25 minutes (1:25).
  • Colorful Colorado is a relaxing visit to one of nature’s most beautiful places that will reduce your stress and put a smile on your face. Run Time: 2 hours and 44 minutes (2:44).
  • Mighty Redwoods are the largest trees in the World reaching a height of 379 feet and a diameter to 26 feet. Coast Redwoods can live for more than 2,000 years. Run Time: 54 minutes (0:44).
  • Pacific Northwest Paradise is a tranquil journey to many of the breathtaking locations in the Pacific Northwest including the Columbia River Gorge, North Cascades, Olympic, and Mount Rainier National Parks, the Hoh Rain Forest and many of Oregon’s stunning beaches. Run Time: 4 hours and 41 minutes (4:41).
  • Yellowstone Wonders filmed in Yellowstone National Park – the World’s first national park. Run Time: 1 hour and 44 minutes (1:44).
  • Supreme South Rim filmed in Grand Canyon National Park – a magical escape to one of the most amazing places in the World. Run Time: 2 hours and 24 minutes (2:24).
  • Glorious Grand Teton a relaxing journey to Grand Teton National Park. Run Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes (1:15).
  • Santa Cruz Serenity is a tranquil visit to California’s Santa Cruz and San Mateo County Coastlines – known as the California Golden Coast. Run Time: 1 hour and 38 minutes (1:38).
  • Sublime Sequoia is an unforgettable journey to Sequoia National Park in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Run Time: 1 hour and 53 minutes (1:53).
  • Sierra Spectacular is a stunning journey to the Sierra Nevada Mountain range in the western United States. Run Time: 3 hours and 44 minutes (3:44).
  • Unforgettable Glacier is a visit to Glacier National Park is in northwestern Montana with over 1 million acres of breathtaking mountains, lakes and waterfalls. Run Time: 3 hours and 5 minutes (3:05).
  • Redrock Canyon Solitude is a stunning is to the Aztec sandstone cliffs and red rock formations at Red Rock Canyon in the Mojave Desert. Run Time: 58 minutes (0:58).